Web Art Workshop with Hydra

Im Rahmen des Activation Day des Koproduktionslabor laden wir interessierte und neugierige TeilnehmerInnen zum englischsprachigen Einführungsworkshop Live Coding Visuals mit Hydra von Flor de Fuego. 

In the context of the Activation Day in Koproduktionslabor we invite participants interested or curious about new media to the introductory workshop Live Coding Visuals with Hydra held by Flor de Fuego.

Live coding is the process of modifying and altering codes on the fly; it leads to generating new visuals that can be evolving and transforming in real time. 

The aim of the workshop is to get to know Hydra – a visual programming, live code-able video synth and coding environment created by Olivia Jack. 

It is intended that participants can experiment and generate different code functions, distortions of images and cameras in order to create their own visuals. 

Hydra is also a web-based open source, it can be used for several purposes, such as live performance (even collaborative and collective) or art installations.

The workshop will be given by Florencia Alonso (a.k.a Flor de Fuego) digital-craft artist, teacher and a member of Koproduktionslabor. 

No previous knowledge is required, the workshop will be held in English.

Registration & Information:

The workshop is free of charge, but places are limited to 15 seats Workshop

Host: Flor de Fuego, Creative Coder at the Coproduction Lab

Date and time: 09.02.2023 from 17:00 – 19:00

Target group: beginners, interested people, teenagers, adults, artists

Level of difficulty: Easy

Registration: By mail until 08.02.23 to: flor@koprodo.de

Please bring your own laptops and a computer mouse to the workshop!

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